How to get followers on Instagram: 5 Secret Tips

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How To Get Followers On Instagram

Instagram profile for John Sparks

Ever wonder how to get followers on Instagram like the pros?  Follow these 5 Secret Tips:

1. Mention your “following guidelines” in your Instagram bio. Here’s an example: “Follow People Who Follow Me!” It’s important to let users know why they should follow you. If you don’t, they won’t. It’s just that simple!

2. Follow users who are likely to follow you back. Go to the explore tab of your Instagram app. It looks like a compass. Hit the magnifying glass in the upper right. Click on tags. Search for pictures containing one of the following tags:

#shoutout #shoutouts #shout #out #TagsForLikes #TFLers #shoutouter #instagood #s4s #shoutoutforshoutout #shoutout4shoutout #so #so4so #photooftheday #ilovemyfollowers #love #sobackteam #soback #follow #f4f #followforfollow #followback #followhim #followher #followall #followme #shout_out.

Locate the most recent pictures inside these tags which appear as screenshots of users’ profiles. Most recent pictures are towards the top. Choose a picture from a user’s profile which has been posted by a “shout-out” account. These accounts normally have the words “shout-out” as part of their profile name. Go into the “shout-out” account. Make sure it has less than 200 followers. Then click to view the followers. Follow as many as you can. Watch as these users start to follow you back! Repeat this process for even more followers.

3. Keep your account right-side up, not upside down. To show you know how to get followers on Instagram like the pros, you want more “followers” than “following”. Give users you follow a certain number of days to follow you back. If they don’t, you flush them. InstaFollow and JustUnfollow are two great smartphone apps which will locate and flush your unfollowers. They are both free and available in the iOS and Android market.

4. Post new pictures. Change tags on your pictures regularly. Post at least one new photo a day. Download the “TagsForLikes” or “Instatags” smartphone apps to put tags on your pictures. See the article: “How to Use Instagram: 25+1 Steps to Get 100 Likes In Just Minutes” to learn how to change your tags to get even more, new followers.

5. Use Instagram during peak traffic times. Use Statigram to find out your peak traffic times. Click on Statistics on Home Navigation menu. Then click on Optimization on the left sidebar to check out the best times to post.

Have any other tips for how to get followers on Instagram? Write your ideas in the comments section below.

Edit Pictures Online: 5 Tips For Instagram Likes

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Edit pictures online

“Photo Film”
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Edit pictures online and get even more “Likes” on Instagram!  How do you do this?  Simple.  Use a free photo editor like Pixlr, PicMonkey, or PhotoScape.

Pixlr is our favorite choice. Why?  It’s web-based and available for Free Download. You can find Pixlr on iOS iPhone, iPad. You can also find it on the Android, and Google Chrome.

The Pixlr desktop version has more functionality than the mobile app. The mobile app still allows you to accomplish everything you need to do to edit and post photos on the fly.

Use Pixlr to edit pictures online immediately after you take them. Next, save these edited pictures back to the gallery or share them on the social media network of your choice.

5 Tips to Edit Pictures Online to Boost “Likes” on Instagram:

1) Adjust the contrast. Scaling up on contrast gives photos nice, rich character.

2) Adjust the brightness. Scale up and down on brightness for indoor photos taken without a flash.

3) Crop pictures. Start by taking out the extra head room. Next, make sure the only subjects in your pictures are the ones you are trying to capture. Some pictures won’t need to be cropped using Pixlr. When you upload any picture into Instagram, you’ll be required to crop it down to fit Instagram’s 612 X 612 Pixel size before you can post it.

4) Determine if adding text to your photos enhances them or detracts from them. A picture is worth a thousand words. Quotes, sayings, and words of expression are always a nice touch. Just remember not to add too many words. Less is more. Also remember, you’ll end up cropping the photo down again when you share it to Instagram. You want to make sure none of the text words you’ve added get cut off. If they do, you will have to edit the picture again before posting it.

5) Wait to add borders to pictures until they have been shared to Instagram. Remember the aspect ratio typically used by mobile device cameras is 4:3. This is a larger aspect ratio than the one used by Instagram. Once you have edited a photo using Pixlr you will crop it again with Instagram. Pixlr borders will end up getting cut off. If you want to use a border, it is best to add it once your picture is already in Instagram.

Do you edit pictures online before posting them to Instagram?  What additional tips do you have to edit pictures online?

Popular Instagram Tags: HOT 100 List

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popular instagram tags

Old photo camera pictures
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The best way to get the most Instagram Likes for a photo is by using popular Instagram tags!

Remember, Instagram only allows a max. 30 popular Instagram tags per pic.

Use popular Instagram tags from the list below which best fit your picture.

For the best way to add popular Instagram tags to your pictures, refer to the article: How To Use Instagram: 25+1 Steps to Get 100 Likes In Just Minutes

100 Most Popular Instagram Tags:

1.   #love
2.   #instagood
3.   #me
4.   #tbt
5.   #cute
6.   #photooftheday
7.   #instamood
8.    #tweegram
9.    #iphonesia
10.  #picoftheday
11.  #igers
12.  #summer
13.  #girl
14.  #instadaily
15.  #beautiful
16.  #instagramhub
17. #iphoneonly
18.  #igdaily
19.  #bestoftheday
20.  #follow
21.  #happy
22.  #picstitch
23.  #webstagram
24.  #jj
25.  #sky
26.  #nofilter
27.  #fashion
28.  #followme
29.  #fun
30.  #sun
31.   #smile
32.   #instagramers
33.   #pretty
34.   #food
35.   #friends
36.   #nature
37.   #onedirection
38.   #hair
39.  #lol
40.  #like
41.  #beach
42.  #swag
43.  #funny
44.  #dog
45.  #blue
46.  #bored
47.  #life
48.  #cool
49.  #sunset
50.  #pink
51.  #versagram
52.  #art
53.  #hot
54.  #instahub
55.  #photo
56.  #throwbackthursday
57.  #statigram
58.   #my
59.   #cat
60.   #family
61.   #clouds
62.   #amazing
63.   #awesome
64.   #girls
65.   #textgram
66.   #jj_forum
67.   #all_shots
68.   #baby
69.   #music
70.  #red
71.   #black
72.  #repost
73.  #instalove
74.  #party
75.  #igaddict
76.  #night
77.  #yummy
78.  #instago
79.  #green
80.  #white
81.   #bestfriend
82.   #yum
83.   #followback
84.   #ignation
85.   #harrystyles
86.   #eyes
87.   #school
88.   #foodport
89.   #sweet
90.   #snow
91.   #style
92.   #water
93.   #niallhoran
94.   #boy
95.    #nails
96.   #yolo
97.   #beauty
98.   #nice
99.   #i
100.  #flower

What are some other tags you’ve used and had success with?

How To Use Instagram: Flush Unfollowers, Get Likes For Photos, and Edit Images

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How To Use Instagram

Vintage Camera
Courtesy: knox_x via stock.xchng

There’s plenty of Instagram Apps out there for just about anything you can think of. There’s Apps which can do everything from merging several photos together to apps which create beautiful pictures out of text.

But what apps should you have if you want to properly manage your Instagram account?   The best apps to help you manage your Instagram account will 1) flush unfollowers, 2) get more likes for photos, and 3) enhance the quality of the pictures you take before you post them.

How To Use Instagram and Flush Unfollowers

The best way to flush the unfollowers on your Instagram account is through an app like InstaFollow. Instafollow allows you to check for the users who don’t follow you back and will allow you to unfollow them. It will also allow you to mass follow users who are already following you, who you don’t follow back. This is important because in order to help establish your value in social media, the number of followers you have on Instagram should exceed the number you are following.

How To Use Instagram and Get Likes For Photos

One way to get more followers is to get more likes for your photos. You can do this with the #TagForLikes App. When you receive a notification a user has “Liked” your photo you can try to follow them and see if they will follow you back. See the related post on How To Use Instagram: 25+1 Steps to Get 100 Likes In Just Minutes for help on getting the most from this app.

How To Use Instagram and Edit Images

The way to get more likes and more followers is by having better quality pictures. Pixlr Express is the App to help you do this. Pixlr Express lets you take a picture with your phone or choose a picture from your gallery. Next, you can crop the picture, change its brightness or contrast, or add text.  The photos can be shared as text messages, emails, or over social media. Pixlr Express works well both with Instagram, or without it.

What is the most important app you use to manage your Instagram?  We want to hear from you in our comments section.

How To Use Instagram: 25 +1 Steps to Get 100 Likes In Just Minutes

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How To Use Instagram

Inside lens
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Picture this! You are the only one not getting likes on your Instagram Photos. Now it is time to change that and learn how to use Instagram! You can easily get 100 Likes in Just Minutes by following the 25 +1 Steps Below!

Instagram statistics say the app has 90 million monthly users. Instagram also claims those 90 million people post 40 million photos per day and tap 8,500 likes per second. With statistics like this there is no reason not to be getting 100 Likes in a few minutes.

How To Use Instagram To Get 100 Likes In A Few Minutes:

1) Click on the Instagram App. Take an Instagram Photo by clicking the camera icon button. The button is located in the center of the bottom navigation menu. If you want to use a picture you have already taken click on the icon to the right to select a picture from Dropbox or the Gallery.

2) Crop the Photo to fit the Instagram size requirements. Select the double arrow next screen button in the upper right.

3) Select the filter you want to use. Don’t over think this. Normal filter is by far the most popular.

4) Hit the home tab on your phone. Go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Search and install the “TagsForLikes” App.

5) Open “TagsForLikes” App.

6) Select “Popular” from the Home Menu in the “TagsForLikes” App.

7) Select “Most Popular” from the SubMenu.

8) Select “Copy Tags”.

9) Hit the Home tab on your phone again. Return back to the Instagram App and open it.

10) Press gently on the screen where it says “Add a caption” to the left of your photo.

11) Select “paste” to paste the Tags into that section.

12) Name the location where the picture was taken. This helps establish credibility and originality.

13) Click the green arrow at the upper right to post the photo.

14) WATCH the photo accumulate MANY likes!

15) Hit the Home tab on your phone again. Return back to the “TagsForLikes” App.

16) Select ”Popular” from the Home Menu in the “TagsForLikes” App.

17) Now Select “2nd Popular” from the SubMenu.

18) Select “Copy Tags”.

19) Hit the Home tab on your phone again. Return back to the Instagram App and open it.

20) Return back to the picture you took. Hit the Comments button. It looks like the word balloon to the right of the heart.

21) Click on the Pencil “Edit” button in the upper right hand corner.

22) Delete the old tags by clicking the red “X” to the left and tapping the red “delete” box.

23) Press gently in the empty box at the bottom of the phone screen.

24) Select “paste” and paste the New Tags into that section.

25) Select “Send”.

26) Watch while the photo accumulates even MORE Likes! Refresh to see the Likes as they come in.

REPEAT this process AGAIN AND AGAIN for even MORE Likes!

What other tips do you have on How To Use Instagram? What suggestions do you have for getting the most likes for your Instagram Photos? Leave your comments below! We want to hear from you.