Five Types of Pins To Grab Your Attention on Pinterest

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Many businesses are realizing huge leaps in sales and traffic by developing an effective Pinterest strategy. With the launch of the new Pinterest layout and analytics, it’s more important than ever to pin content which will get people talking. So how do you do this on a website which has been known to be non-talkative?

Here are five strategies to ensure your pins have the highest chance of being noticed, and more importantly, remembered.

1) Infographics. Infographics are visually appealing vignettes filled with factoids, and information for pinners. Great infographics create memorable moments for their viewers. They also present hard data in a way which surprises its reader, yet makes perfect sense.

2) Talking Pins. Talking Pins are pins with messages, business names, websites, logos, or even Twitter handles on them. Adding Words to Pins can make your Pins POP. Use a website like PinWords or a program like GIMP to add text and manipulate your images before you pin them.

Photobadges are a type of talking pin. Bloggers create photobadges to use at the top of their blog articles to showcase their blog title using creative text along with a complimentary image to go along with it. When used properly, Photobadges can lead to a large number of page views and repins. In some cases it can even cause a pin to go viral!

3) Giveaways. Pinterest contests are an easy way to create value for your brand. Other benefits of contests include getting new Pinterest followers, getting more traffic to your website, increasing sales, getting publicity, and launching a new product line. The more valuable your contest prize is, the more contest entries you can expect. Before you pin your contest, be sure to check the laws where you live to make sure the contest and prizes are legal.

4) Holiday Pins – Did you know one of the top ten most popular board names on Pinterest is “Christmas”? Pins for any type of holiday tends to generate a lot of buzz on Pinterest. When you combine categories and post pins which could be placed on multiple boards like Holiday Recipes, Holiday Crafts, Holiday Decorations for the home you can easily double or triple the odds of being repinned, and followed. This is especially true if you are sharing original content.

5) Eye Candy – A wise teacher once commented, “Everyone in life can relate to food and T.V.” Food is the fastest -growing category on Pinterest. It’s also the category that gets the most repins, generating on average more than 50% repins than the second most reshared category, Style and Fashion.Interestingly, pinboards about products tend to generate the most “likes” from users. Let your pins create an amazing spectacle through the eyes of the beholder.

What types of pins are quick to get your attention on Pinterest. Speak Your Mind in our comments section below.

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